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Google Forgets About December In Android 4.2, Removes Need For Christmas Music

Bad Google, bad as you’ve forgotten about Christmas, and December and Santa and New Year’s Eve. All joking aside, Android 4.2 appears to have a “small” bug that appears to have dismissed December as a necessary calendar month. We know that with every new Android release, bugs are likely to be found we’re ok with that, but its kind of a funny blooper… Read more

Motorola Changing Software Upgrade Preview Program, Introduces “Test Drive”

On the heels of the DROID RAZR M Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release comes an additional announcement from Motorola on their “soak tests.” Motorola’s current program, the “soak test” is a random selection of individuals that post on Motorola’s Support forums and are chosen based on their device. This new program, called “Test Drive,” will “allow… Read more

UK Retailer Carphone WareHouse Accidentally Posts Official Looking Nexus 4 Pre-Order Page

The Nexus 4, LG’s anticipated first entry into the Nexus world has been outed yet again by UK phone retailer Carphone WareHouse. An official looking pre-order page is now live on the company’s site, with the very same specs we’ve expected: 4.7″ 1280×768 display, Android 4.2, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC and an 8 megapixel camera. The Carphone… Read more

About Those Android 4.2 Rumors, Ignore All Of Them

It’s unfortunate whenever any rumor that has us excited turns out to be a complete dud, and that’s exactly what has happened with the recent Androidandme Android 4.2 rumor story. As it turns out, the intel wasn’t double and triple checked leading to some confusion and now a retraction by the site. At the very least, this explains… Read more

Android 4.2 Rumors Start To Heat Up, What Do You Want To See?

The following post has enough unconfirmed information to call for a well emphasized “rumor” warning to everyone before reading, but we’re confident enough in our friends at Androidandme to say that there is probably some truth to what they’ve uncovered in Android 4.2, Google’s next-generation of Android. First things first, comes word about a new… Read more