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Google I/O Keynote Announces Mind-Boggling Stats, Including 900 Million Android Activations

Google’s I/O keynote is underway and they just announced a mind-boggling stat. As of 2013, Android has activated more than 900 million devices. That’s 900 MILLION! That’s up from 100 million in 2011 and 400 million in 2012. That’s not all as Google Play just crossed 48 billion app installs with 2.5 billion coming in the last month. Wrap your head… Read more

Android activations now at 700,000 a day

Well, we all knew Android was growing. Fast. We just didn’t know how fast, really. Until now. Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin, announced in June that they were at 500,000 activations a day. About a month ago, Google announced that number had jumped to 550,000. Today, we’re at 700,000. The growth of course, is amazing. Google’s tally… Read more