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Google Currents gets updated

If you haven’t downloaded Google Currents, now would be a good time to do so. The search giant has officially updated the application to better suit usability, which is always a good thing for an app. It is the applications first update, so hopefully Google will stay on top of the app and continue to update it quickly. As for the changes brought to the… Read more

Mollie’s Fund Android app educates you on skin cancer

There are a lot of apps that serve a wide variety of markets. One niche would be health education. Well today, Mollie’s Fund launched an Android app to help educate people on skin cancer and melanoma. Mollie’s fund is a non-profit organization that was inspired by a college sophomore, Mollie, who discovered a mole on her thigh. Unbeknownst to her, it was a… Read more

WalkSafe leads you away from traffic

The assimilation of the smartphone into our daily lives has been a relatively quick process. Most people that own a smartphone can’t imagine going back to a “feature phone” simply because of how much they have grown to rely on the phone’s functionality. They keep track of your appointments and are often the main vehicle for communication. Now, they can… Read more