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Nick S’s DogGone Best Apps Of 2012

Since the release of Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich in late 2011, the app selection for Android has experienced quite a shift in both the quantity of apps but also the quality. With the influx of new Holo-designed apps that we saw this year, it makes it nearly perfect to write a post on my favorite apps from this year. There’re plenty of other apps that… Read more

Falcon Pro Exits Beta And Becomes Available In The Play Store

A new kind of Twitter “app” called Falcon made a big buzz a couple of months ago. I put app in parentheses because it was really just a glorified widget. There was no actual app but instead a very functional widget. Since then, a full-blown app called Falcon Pro has been in beta and made it into the Play Store last week after exiting it’s beta testing…. Read more

Know When Your Favorite Android Apps Go On Sale

If there is an app in the Play Store that you’re eyeing, but you don’t want to pay the full asking price for it, there’s an app for that (don’t sue me Apple). AppWatch is a free app that notifies you when the app you want goes on sale. All you have to do is press the plus sign in AppWatch to search for the app you want to monitor. Alternatively, you… Read more

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To Android

  On October 29th, Rockstar Games will be celebrating the 10-year anniverary of its seminal PlayStation 2 hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. To commerate the occassion, Rockstar has announced that the classic console game will be finding its way to mobile devices this fall. According to the announcement, the game will be available on “a wide range”… Read more

App Spotlight: Location Discovery App Grafetee Exits Beta – Users Can Now Explore The World In A New Way

Developer Grafetee (pronounced graffiti, in an association to its location-tagging nature) has been hard at work developing and fine tuning their app of the same name. Utilizing proprietary technologies, Grafetee has created a geo-location app that closely aligns the web, local resources, and the power of mobile to give users the opportunity to discover… Read more

New Play Store Updates Allows Users To Add Credit via The Web; Play Magazines Also Featuring New Web Reader

Google has been updating their Play Store consistently as of late. Well the newest changes from the search giant include additions that make usability and function a bit easier despite how insignificant these changes may seem. The latest additions focus on building on the Play Store balance feature Google introduced with the Nexus 7 $25 credit promo… Read more