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Google introduces Androidify

Notice a certain over abundance of Twitter avatars in the last day that appear to be pictures of your friends, only made into androids? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. It’s all thanks to a new app from Google and Larva Labs called Androidify. Androidify is really simple, and really fun. Through a series of touches, swipes, and fashion decisions, you… Read more

Sports Illustrated for Android available now

Diehard sports fans, your day has finally come. In an announcement from Time Inc. today, two versions of Sports Illustrated for Android have been revealed — one for phones and one for tablets. If you have a device on 2.1 or higher, here’s what you’re looking at paying for a subscription: * Print/Digital (Samsung Galaxy/Android Smartphone/Web):… Read more

All Gameloft HD games for Android 60% off

Looking to get your game on this Valentine’s Day? Gameloft’s got your back. Starting today, and running for “just a few days,” Gameloft has put their entire lineup of HD Android games at 60% off. Some of the titles on sale include Ultimate Spiderman, GT Racing, Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter, Gangstar, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Oregon Trail. To… Read more

Twitter for Android version 2.0: A first look [Update]

And just like that, Twitter version 2.0 is now available in the Market for download. Let us know what you think! End update. When the official Twitter application for Android launched in late April of 2010, the general consensus was that the client just didn’t stack up. It certainly wasn’t as polished as its iPhone counterpart, and compared to other… Read more

Coast to Coast AM for Android: February launch tease

Attention lovers of bizarre talk radio; UFOlogists, Bigfoot hunters, witches, and time travelers: We’ve got a little status update regarding the Android application that will allow fans of Coast to Coast AM to download MP3s of shows that were broadcast in the previous 90 days, listen to live shows, gawk at bizarre audience-submitted photos, and more…. Read more

Video: Pulse for tablets hands on

A long time ago here on DroidDog, think September, I wrote an op-ed piece discussing the state of Android and the translation of the OS from phones to tablets. Back then, Honeycomb was nothing more than a whisper. All we had seen of Android running on a mainstream tablet was the Galaxy Tab, which to be blunt, wasn’t exactly breath-taking. My final word on… Read more

Video: SwiftKey for tablets

Popular keyboard replacement developer SwiftKey has come out today and announced their newest keyboard design to be used strictly with tablets: SwiftKey Tablet. The new Honeycomb inspired SwiftKey Tablet features an awesome Tron-esque color scheme along with “50% greater text entry efficiency than other market solutions,” support for 14 languages,… Read more

Android Market webstore goes official

This day has been in the making for quite some time now, and we can’t believe it’s finally here; At today’s Android event hosted by Google, the Android Market webstore has officially gone live. Long awaited features to come with the browser friendly version of the Market include more organized app browsing, better search filters, in-app… Read more

Video: EA’s Worms for Android released

The year was 1995. Team 17 had just released the first version of their game known only as Worms. An Amiga exclusive, the game didn’t originally take off the way it was planned. Fast forward to 1999 when T17 releases Worms Armageddon, and the series couldn’t be more popular. By the time Worms World Party came out in 2001, everyone was playing the game… Read more