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eBay Updates Android Version to 2.0- Offers Simplified Navigation, Up to 12 photos Per Listing, & Improved My eBay List Access

eBay has updated it’s Android app to version 2.o.  Along with noticeable visual changes, this revision offers: optimized eBay Motors experience (US only, more countries to be added shortly), improved My eBay list access, simplified navigation, ability to view bidding history on an item, ability to add up to 12 photos when listing an item, ability for… Read more

Get an Inside Look As To How Google Maps Is Made

Often we use Google Maps on a daily basis with no idea as to how Google was able to develop this massive database we’ve come to love. Well The Atlantic had the opportunity to get a inside look at Google’s “Ground Truth” project and has given it’s readers a behind the scenes insight. The Google project is an attempt to build the most accurate maps… Read more

Verizon Adding Amazon App Suite To New Android Smartphones

Bloatware may be one of our least favorite aspects in all of wireless, especially on newly released Android devices which is why it pains me to say that Verizon is moving full steam ahead with the introduction of a new suite of Amazon apps. While some carriers are taking the opposite approach and (thankfully) removing the number of pre-installed… Read more

Official RetailMeNot Coupons App Hits The Play Store – An Endless Library Of Coupons On The Go

RetailMeNot, the incredibly popular coupon site, has just come to the mobile world, hitting the Play Store with WhaleShark Media’s official RetailMeNot Coupons app. The app, as you may expect, functions much like its online counterpart, with added functionality to make navigation and use on a mobile device an absolute breeze. As described in the… Read more

HBO Go Gets Support For Jelly Bean Devices

There was a bit of confusion this afternoon when HBO Go got an update to their Android app that said it contained Jelly Bean support but didn’t work on Jelly Bean devices. That feature was pulled from the changelog but we’re happy to report back that it’s now working and is fully functional on Jelly Bean devices like the Nexus 7. It’s a very visually… Read more