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PhoneDog will give away an iPad…TODAY!

For those of you that haven’t already heard, PhoneDog is giving away an iPad on Facebook today. All you have to do to enter is “Like” PhoneDog on Facebook at facebook.com/phonedog. Why don’t you head on over there right now, click that like button, and RSVP with a comment? Then, today at 5PM Pacific, check out bit.ly/PhoneDogLive to watch Noah draw a random… Read more

One-Pawed Bandit Giveaway Blitz

pantech pursuit

PhoneDog is giving away five Pantech AT&T devices this week via the incredibly popular One-Pawed Bandit game. Starting today, August 23rd, and ending on August 31st, you’ll have five spins a day at PhoneDog and five spins a day at Facebook, each of which gives you a shot at winning one of the following: * Two Pantech Pursuits, green * One Pantech… Read more

DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway!

EDIT: The winner has been contacted and has responded so this one is over, folks. Stay tuned for the next one! It’s been too long since I gave a phone away! So here we go with another rooted G1, this one running the SuperD ROM. Of course, the whole point of these giveaways is to provide a hack toy for someone who doesn’t want to risk their own phone,… Read more

Winner of the Rooted G1 Retweet Giveaway

Congratulations to Leslie W. of Cerritos, CA, who just earned himself a hacked phone with nothing more than a tweet! I’m not sure what the next giveaway will be, or when it will begin, but we’ll put *something* cool together. Stay tuned to DroidDog and follow me on Twitter for updates. Thanks for your support,… Read more

PhoneDog’s One-Paw Giveaway Blitz!

If you’ve never played PhoneDog’s One-Paw Bandit, now would be a great time to give it a shot. From now until January 25th, we’re giving away 4 Pantech Matrix Pros! (One of the original five has already been won.) It’s free and easy to play. Just click here and then click “play for this device now.” You’ll be prompted to sign up for PhoneDog.com…. Read more

The winner of a myTouch3G

Congratulations to Andrew S. of Robinson, Texas! He entered the DroidDog /T-Mobile myTouch3G with Google giveaway and got a free phone out if it. There are more to come. January’s giveaway will be a piece of cake to enter so stay tuned for details. Thanks for your support, Andrew! Enjoy the… Read more