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Wallpaper Wizardrii for Your Wallpaper Woes

So I’ve never had a big issue with it until today, but I know that getting your wallpaper set up the way you want it on your phone can suck.  Today, I flashed the newest leak on my Epic 4G Touch (I know… I said the OTA was ready.  If you want to ask me about it you can…  it’s pretty much ready) and all of a sudden I couldn’t get my wallpapers to… Read more

Tour of my Nexus Setup [Video]

This is the second in a continued series of video tours of various products, mostly Android related. Today is a tour of my Galaxy Nexus homescreens. This is the kind of thing that changes all the time, based on various inspirations and newly available tweaks. My bootloader is unlocked, but my Nexus is not rooted. This is the stock launcher, the stock… Read more

MKB Reviews: StatusBar+ [Video]

StatusBar+ is an app with both free and paid variants that allows you to change the notification bar without root access. Pretty nifty! Keep in mind this app is very early in development and that can definitely be perceived during everyday use. If you want to try this out, the free version is linked above. If you’re convinced this is the app for you,… Read more

Beautiful Android customizations

The ability to swap out primary interface elements and change the way Android’s home screens behave has always been a major draw for Android gadgets, but how many of us fully exploit the nearly endless possibilities? Just about everyone applies new wallpapers, and I think most of the users who read DroidDog have at least tinkered with with deeper… Read more

Honeycomb theme for Google Chrome Browser

If you’re one of those people who are always looking for a way to spruce up their computing experience, right now might be the time for a visual change. A developer named Roman Nurik has created a theme for Google’s Chrome browser called…Honeycomb Chrome Theme. Roman works at Google as an Android Developer Advocate, and his theme carries over the… Read more

MIUI beta 5 coming soon

If you’ve been messing around with rooting your phone and installing ROMs in the past couple months, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of MIUI. The incredibly popular ROM has taken the Android community by storm, making it’s way onto almost every popular device to come out in the last year. With beta 4 having only been out for a short time now, it’s a nice… Read more

Run Gingerbread launcher on any 2.2 device

Yesterday saw the xda-developers release of the Android 2.3 virtual keyboard for rooted 2.2 devices, and today, we’re getting the Gingerbread launcher–no root required. The app comes from Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo and is a free install for 2.2 devices. Just scan the QR code below (or search the Market for “Gingerbread Launcher”), install, tap your Home… Read more

Kite UI concept video

Yes, it’s true. When TAT was acquired by RIM just one day ago, many a fan of Android OS saw hopes of innovative menus and 3D UIs fly out the window. But not so fast. There are plenty of other concept UIs out there that will change the way you think about smartphone navigation – Some powered by Android, some being worked on for an actual release. Take for… Read more