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Video shows of the customizability of Android

Vanilla Android may be the only viable option for many-a-folk in the Android hacking community, but most of the mainstream fan base loves Android precisely because the user interface can be modded and molded into almost anything you desire, assuming you have the chops to code your own mods or are lucky enough to find your perfect solution already exists in… Read more

Show some Android love on your Google homepage

Yesterday Google released a new feature that allows you to customize your Google homepage with any photo. Like the Android fanboy that I am, I set about looking for an Android-themed wallpaper for the Google homepage. For obvious reasons (apparently not everybody has the time or desire to make one), I didn’t find a wallpaper that fit well with Google.com…. Read more

DroidDog wallpapers for your phone

Check it out: Jon Quatch, co-founder of tehkseven, news condenser/summarizer at PhoneDog, and tech’s best sit-down funny man has designed some DroidDog wallpapers for Android cell phones. You’ll find two designs below, each available at 320 X 480, 480 X 800, and 480 X 854. So that should cover just about all of us, right? Thanks, Jon. And everyone, be… Read more

DroidWars: Home Replacements – Q1, 2010

This episode of DroidWars is all about Android home replacements. As usual, I’m just covering what I perceive to be the cream of the crop. Drop a line in the comments if you think I’ve missed something important. These apps completely change the behavior of your home screen(s) and allow you to use different kinds of widgets, free and commercial themes,… Read more

Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout TAT

TAT Home that is, and they should be talking. The Astonishing Tribe has brought the fluidity, grace, style, and functionality of their absolutely killer concept UIs to a very real product that will soon be available for Android phones. The mind-blowingly creative bunch that is TAT were part of the creation process for the original Android UI, and the… Read more

Customized Nexus Ones, courtesy of ColorWare

I need to start this post by giving props to Android Spin. Their ColorWare post is the reason I’m aware that one can now order a Customized Nexus One from the gadget pimping company for $800. If you already have a Nexus One, you can send it in and be without it for close to a month. The high quality paint job alone will cost you $175. Check out ColorWare’s… Read more

Probability typing: QWERTED

Looking for a dramatic shift (pun intended) in your typing habits but not in the mood for the physical retraining required for Swype and ShapeWriter or the hefty learning curve of SlideType? Check out QWERTED: a keyboard that determines which letters are most likely next in a given word and resizes the keys accordingly. The app is expected to be available… Read more