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Gmail Now Allows Adding Time References To Google Calendar

If you’re someone who gets a lot of emails with event details, this will be useful for you. Gmail finally integrated a feature where mentioned dates in an email can be clicked on and added to your Google Calendar. You won’t have to leave Gmail, just click on an underlined date and time and it’ll automatically create the event and allow you to edit it…. Read more

NBC Releases Two 2012 Olympics Apps For Android

NBC and Adobe have teamed up to give people the most coverage possible of the 2012 Olympics by creating two Android apps. Together, they will provide over 3.500 hours of content on 32 sports. The two apps are free, but one is not free to use. The NBC Olympics app will provide all the information you need, including real time schedules, medal counts,… Read more

Official London 2012 Olympics App Now Available For Android

The 2012 Olympic games are just around the corner and the festival organizers have released a much-appreciated Android application to help sports fans follow all the action. The app contains numerous features to help keep track of your favorite events and olympians, complete with results, schedules and medal counts. Design-wise, the application offers… Read more

Midnight Poll: What Do You Want To See At Google I/O?

We’re just hours away from Google’s biggest Android event of the year. Google I/O is set to kick off today with a live keynote, followed by several smaller presentations and seminars spread over three days. We’ve already put together an in-depth preview of what to expect, but we want to hear from the mouths of actual consumers. What do you want to see… Read more

OSCON will feature a host of Googlers at the end of July

If you’re in or around Portland, or will be from July 25th to 29th, and you’re interested in open source software, the Oregon Convention Center will be the place to be. O’Reilly’s 2011 OSCON (Open Source Convention) will be taking place there, and will be hosting a variety of workshops, keynotes, tutorials, and other geeky events. According to the… Read more

Google I/O 2011 live

Bummed out that you missed that 59 minute window where you could have signed up for Google I/O 2011? Well turn that frown upside down, because if you can’t make it to Google I/O, Google I/O will make it to you. Announced today on the Official Google Blog, Google will be live streaming keynotes and sessions from I/O 2011, along with providing a real… Read more

HTC begins handing out invites to an April 12th launch event

When HTC holds a press event to announce a new device, that usually means it going to be something big. There’s no definite signs of what’s going to be announced on April 12th in London, but there’s plenty of speculation that it could be the next big Android device to hit the scene. Teased only as “what’s next,” there’s several Android handsets that… Read more

Boost Mobile and Samsung teaming up for a special event

Boost Mobile and Samsung are handing out invites to a special event going on April 5th. There’s no mention of exactly what device will be shown at the event, but as invitations are being handed out to Android blogs, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a new phone. Boost Mobile is no stranger to Android; the Motorola i1 has been available with… Read more

Sprint’s got something big planned for February 7th

All tech announcements are “big,” right? Hype is the point of employing celebrities and dropping new tech in a swanky bar/club filled with sexy waitresses and colorful drinks. But Sprint’s upcoming event might yield something truly exciting, as the only real news to come from the Now Network at CES was the HTV EVO 4G Shift, which…well, wasn’t new at all…. Read more

Samsung event scheduled for November 8th

As of this morning, Samsung started sending out invites to an event they’ll be hosting to reveal a new Android handset. Other than the fact that the event will be held Monday November 8th at 6PM, not much else is known. Current speculation leads to the reveal of the Samsung Continuum, but don’t your chickens just yet. There’s always the possibility that… Read more