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[How To] Run Games Off A USB Drive On The Nexus 7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dWqLjnCSBg&feature=youtube_gdata The Nexus 7 has two downfalls: A small amount of onboard memory, and no microSD card slot. With just a few games installed, your tablet will be out of memory, especially if it’s the 8GB model. So what do you do? Run the games off of a USB drive of course. And we’re here to tell you how… Read more

[Root] How To Install PlayStation Mobile On Any Device

PlayStation Mobile was released just last night, but most of us can never experience its glory (if you are inclined to call it that). It is only for certified devices, so if you don’t own a Sony or One series device, you’re out of luck. Until now of course. Doing what they do best, developers have gotten around that obstacle and made the app work on… Read more

Deal Alert: Max Payne Mobile Only $0.99 In The Play Store

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and that always means some good deals can be found. One of the more unexpected ones had appeared in Google Play today: Max Payne Mobile is only $0.99, down from it’s typical $2.99 price point. For those who don’t feel like doing the math, that’s a 67% discount, easily making the game a justifiable purchase. Grab it from the… Read more