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The Five Tegra Games That Will Be At E3

Before we start, I’d like to state one thing: NVIDIA hardware is not superior. The Mali-400 GPU in the Galaxy SIII destroys the Tegra 3 GPU. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter. NVIDIA has the smarts and the power to make deals and make it easy to optimize games for their hardware. They don’t have the best hardware, but their games have the absolute best… Read more

Gameloft Set to Release ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Game for Android for Upcoming Movie Release

To not much of a surprise, Gameloft will be releasing the Amazing Spiderman game for the Android platform. I’m sure we know what to expect from Gameloft with this game. Graphics should be much improved from the predecessor and game-play should be what we expect from any other Spiderman game. Here’s the full press release from Gameloft themselves…. Read more

Max Payne Mobile lands on Android April 26

As our phones continue to get more powerful, the ability to port some of our classic console games gets easier. While we’ve seen titles like Grand Theft Auto III already grace our favorite devices, it’s now time for another type of figure to hop on board. Rockstar Games is happy to announce Max Payne Mobile, and it is coming soon to Android devices. This… Read more

Angry Birds Space exclusive Samsung content outlined

While Angry Birds Space was officially announced yesterday, today at South by Southwest Samsung is busy showcasing the new mobile game on their recently launched (here in the States) Galaxy Note. At the same time, they’re talking up a storm about the exclusive content that Samsung has managed to wrangle in for the upcoming game’s launch. The new title… Read more

Real Racing 2 for Android launches

One of iOS’ most popular games has been Real Racing 2, a realistic racing game debuting many features at the time, including 30 licensed cars and 15 different tracks. Just about a year later, Android is finally getting a port of one of the most critically acclaimed games on iOS. It is about a 450MB download, so be prepared for a hefty amount of space to be… Read more