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Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play running PSX ROMs

This leak of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming PlayStation device, the Xperia Play, is a bit more exciting than those we’ve seen in the past. This is the first time we’ve seen the gadget performing under the pressure of a console game. The titles demonstrated here, Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer, are games from the original PlayStation. However, they are being… Read more

Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle coming soon to Android

If you didn’t already know at this point, then now you do: Gaming is coming to Android, and in a big way. Actually, let me rephrase that, gaming has already come to Android. Not only have we have had great games like Abduction!, Jewels, Robo Defense, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds for awhile now, but we can count on several other titles right around the… Read more

Zynga games coming to Android

With the announcement of the newest version of Facebook for Android, and the changes that came along with it, comes good news for casual gamers everywhere. Social gaming giant Zynga is going to be utilizing Facebook’s new single sign-on with their first Android game, Zynga Poker. Presumably, this is only the beginning for the ever popular Facebook game… Read more

Skip levels with Angry Birds cheat

I’m reluctant to help anyone jump over the more difficult stages that I fought hard to pass in Angry Birds (the publishing company of which, incidentally, now belongs to EA), but I’ve caved into a few game cheats in my day so it’s only right that I pass this along. Droid-Life shows us the way (via a hack found at Reddit) and it’s pretty darn simple,… Read more

Angry Birds for Android available now [UPDATE]

Update: When trying to visit GetJar to download Angry Birds, you are now greeted with “Dear visitors, GetJar website is experiencing temporary technical problems due to a totally undexpected high demand for the new free game Angry Birds. Please visit the mobile site at http://m.getjar.com with your Android phone to get the game. We sincerely app-ologize… Read more

Angry Birds Lite Beta updated with minor bug fixes

The Angry Birds Lite Beta came to Android earlier this month, and just received an update. Developer Rovio ported the addictive title over from iOS, where its one of the most popular downloads, but is still keeping the Android version in beta. This update only addresses some minor bugs and doesn’t include any additional levels or new features. With the… Read more

Unreal Engine 3 headed to Android

While Epic may be pushing hard to get the Unreal Engine 3 onto iOS devices right now, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about us. Word straight from the mouth of Epic VP Mark Rein is that the Unreal Development Kit is going to be made available for developers sometime in the future. When asked about the availability of the UDK on Android, all he had to… Read more

Fruit Ninja and more OpenFeint games come to Android

Fruit Ninja

As one of the leading developers in cross-platform mobile games, OpenFeint’s support is a significant boon to Android. Not only that, the addictive nature of their games has been keeping us counting down to their arrival. OpenFeint announced today that it will bring 20 titles, now available for iOS devices, to Android, 10 of which will be available… Read more

id Software seeks Android coder

FPS forerunners id, pioneers in Linux gaming and creators of the unforgettable games series Quake and Doom have turned their sites to Android, as evidenced by a job posting over at Gamasutra. Included in the job description is a requirement for understanding existing id mobile engines: “The Android programmer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with… Read more