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Vizio Shows Off Duo Of New Nexus-Like Tablets

Vizio’s motto is to “make all the screens in your life,” and to achieve that, they’re getting back into the Android tablet game. Their first attempt with the VTab was disappointing at best, but this should be good. The first tablet they showed off is a 10″ slate very similar to the Nexus 10. With a 10.1″ panel at 2560×1600, it should look gorgeous. But… Read more

Google Now Completely Working on AOSP-Based ICS ROMs?

The title of this story is in the form of a question because I can’t confirm the reported results, and following the forums, it seems there are mixed results.  However, XDA Recognized Developer febycv is reporting that he has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s Google Now working on rooted devices running ICS AOSP Roms.  The process to get Google Now working… Read more

Shipping and Release Dates for Google Nexus 7

We’ve received word of a shipping date for the recently announced Google Nexus 7 Tablet.  When Google announced the new 7″ tablet at Google I/O, they said it would be shipping in 2-3 weeks and the Play Store still reads this way, “ships soon.”  From some other online retailers that have the tablet for pre-order, we’re hearing that the tablet will be… Read more

First Custom Roms for the Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 isn’t even available to the masses yet and it’s first custom roms are already appearing.  So far, the custom roms we’re seeing are just tweaked stock roms.  On the surface it will still be the new Jelly Bean just being awesome.  However, there will be a few tweaks underneath the hood that you may be interested in.  Below I have the new… Read more

Google Nexus 7 Full Factory Jelly Bean Image Released

Google released the full factory image for their newly announced 7″ tablet, the Nexus 7, on Friday.  The tablet was only announced by Google two days ago at Google I/O, so they’ve been pretty quick about getting the image released.  The Nexus 7 runs the new version of Android, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that people and reviewers have been raving about.  This… Read more

Fully Working Jelly Bean for Sprint Galaxy Nexus

The fantastic developers with the ACSyndicate team have successfully ported over a fully working Jelly Bean ROM for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus.  The rom port comes from the booting version of the Verizon Nexus port, from the GSM OTA leak.  So, it may be sloppy seconds but according to DreamsForgotten, ACS Vice Administrator, the port is fully work on the… Read more

Jelly Bean Port for the HTC One X If You Can’t Wait

With HTC making non-committal announcements about upgrading their devices to the newly announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, I’m sure some of you aren’t satisfied with the “stay tuned” or “coming soon” statements.  So, I have some fun news for you impatient people like me.  If you own an HTC One X, you can start playing now if you’re… Read more