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HTC DLX Details Leak, May Be HTC’s Galaxy Note Alternative

Samsung has found great success with their Galaxy Note, a device that’s half phone and half tablet. In fact, the launch of the Galaxy Note II is right around the corner, and it has already been met with rave reviews. LG has so far been the only manufacturer to bring a competitor to the phablet, in the form of the LG Intuition. However, a new leak… Read more

Potential final specs revealed for the LG Optimus G Nexus

Rumors have certainly increased surrounding the close announcement of a new Nexus phone. Speculation has been rampant with concepts of 5 new Nexus devices from various OEMs up until the latest news of an LG Optimus G Nexus design. Insider sources have unaimously stated over the last week that in the next 30 days, Android users should anticipate an… Read more

Leaked Image Reveals First Unofficial Showing Of HTC One X+

Courtesy of Twitter user evleaks – a T-Mobile-branded HTC One X+ makes it’s first unofficial appearance. Although there isn’t much to go on other than a frontal shot of the device turned off, specs for the improved One X have been available for some time. This new variation of the HTC One X will feature: NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHZ quad core, 1.7GHZ… Read more

Benchmark Log Reveals An HP “Bender” Device – Dual Core Snapdragon S4, 1366×720 Display, All Running on Android 4.0.4

Shortly after HP CEO, Meg Whitman, hinting at the company’s desire and need to produce a smartphone, details have emerged surrounding such a device. Please keep in mind however a few things – this information comes from a set of benchmark logs, which can and have previously been faked. Secondly, HP hasn’t officially confirmed the device and “released”… Read more

New Leak Points To A Very Strange Looking HTC Tablet

Well, well, what we have we here, thanks to an anonymous Twitter account, @evleaks.  The account reveals what appears to be leaked images of an unnamed HTC tablet.  As of now specs are unknown, however, the tablet appears to be 10″ and has a unique bezel that differentiates itself from the current tablet market.  With IFA just days away, will HTC… Read more

Photos of HTC Desire X Leaked

Rumored to be launched at the IFA, pictures of the HTC Desire X have officially leaked.  The specs are a little lackluster compared to other smartphones and it dwarfs in comparison to the HTC One X.  Ultimately, the Desire X appears to leave much to be desired.  The device will be available in blue and white and feature: 4 inch WVGA(Super… Read more