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Sony LT30P Xperia T Leaks Yet Again

The Sony LT30p Xperia T is easily one of the leakiest handsets to date with photos of the device swarming all over. This latest batch comes courtesy of Nixanbal and they’ve taken plenty of nice photos to give us a clear picture of what the production device will most likely look like. The phone is widely expected to launch at IFA 2012 this year and has… Read more

HTC 6435 for Verizon Shows Up In GLBenchmark; Features Full HD Display & S4 Pro Processor

There have been many leaks lately for possible devices coming to AT&T and Verizon, the latest addition being the HTC 6435 LVW slated to be released through Verizon.  Although it is uncertain whether this product will be a tablet or phone, it packs a serious punch with a “full 1080p HD display and one of Qualcomm’s all new S4 ‘Pro’ processors”…. Read more

You Can Enjoy Bites of Jelly Bean Now

I’ve been searching the forums for only a short time and I’ve already found a Jelly Bean OTA, a port, and the .apk for the Jelly Bean Play Store.  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was only announced Wednesday morning at Google I/O 2012.  I’m sure there’s more going on and I just haven’t found it yet.  I’m personally excited to try out Google Now when I can get my… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy S III Press Image Leaks

As we near the North American launch of the Galaxy S III, it feels like we’re hearing more and more about it everyday. Now we may know what at least one of the US variants will looks like, as The Verge has just leaked what they are claiming is the T-Mobile version. The image is above, and is very similar to the international variant, physical home button… Read more

New Leak Shows LG LS970 ‘Eclipse’, Features Quad-Core S4

Whenever the word ‘superphone’ comes to mind, most think of a device manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, or HTC. Truth be told, it’s one of those big three more often than not. Now we have word about the latest and greatest superphone, but instead of Samsung, Motorola, or HTC making it, LG’s in the spotlight this time. A new leak reveals the LG LS970, which… Read more

Sony ST25i Kumquat rumored to be called the Xperia U

There’s no real mention of when the Sony ST25i will be launching, but we’re waiting with utter anticipation. The device may be going around as the Kumquat internally, or around the Internet, but that may not be lasting for much longer. According to a new report from XperiaBlog, the ST25i Kumquat could be called the Xperia U when it eventually… Read more