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Steam Beta for Android now available for public download

While there were some nasty reports floating around yesterday that some third-party Android applications for Steam were disappearing in the Android Market, it looks like the developers for the app have given the green light to go ahead and release it for the public. The developers, Valve, have now officially opened the Beta for the application to anyone… Read more

Sonic 4 Episode 1 now available in the Android Market

Sonic 4 has been available on the iPhone since all they way back in 2011, but Android hasn’t had the chance to get in on the classic fun. We are finally getting our chance, as the game has just been made available in the Android Market. Priced at $3.99, it’s a good deal for a full game. It even features two exclusive levels that make use of your device’s… Read more

Shadowgun: The Leftover to be released for Android this week, free for current owners of Shadowgun

Shadowgun has proved to be one of the most graphically advanced games on Android, and developer Madfinger Games is looking to add more value to the popular game. Sometime this week they will be releasing the previously iOS-exclusive The Leftover expansion in the form of a free update. It includes: – The story directly follows the events of original… Read more

Evernote for Android updated to version 3.5

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps available for mobile platforms, and they have just added even more functionality. The app has just been updated to version 3.5, and includes new features like auto titles for untitled notes, a local save button added to all notes, and improved image layout in notes. These may help some users, but it isn’t… Read more

Screencast Video Recorder on sale for only $0.99

Screencast Video Recorder is an app that allows users to take videos of what’s on the screen of their Android device, all done in the MPEG4 format with audio. The app just hit 100,000 downloads, and the developer is looking to celebrate by offering the app at 75% off. $3.99 is the normal price, and the developer is cutting that to only $0.99 in celebration…. Read more

NBC app now available in the Android Market

NBC has just launched its own app in the Android Market, and it offers plenty of content for fans of the TV network. Included are highlights from shows, games and trivia, schedules and previews, and a custom news feed of the content for shows selected by the user. Missing are full episodes, but NBC has stated that they will be coming soon. Once they are… Read more

Android Market hosts pirated books, quickly removed

We’ve seen all sorts of things turn up in the Android Market, from apps containing viruses to others allowing illegal download of music. A new contender has entered, this time in the form of pirated e-books. Multiple titles of popular series like Harry Potter and Vampire Diaries, as well as 4 novels by Stephen King and another 14 by Patricia Cornwell. All… Read more

Madden 12 on sale for only $0.99 in the Android Market

Many fans may feel the urge to play some football as round 2 of the NFL playoffs begins, and they can do just that with EA’s game Madden 12 for Android. They’re even feeling extra generous, and offering the game for only $0.99. This is a limited time offer, so grab the app well it’s still available for that low price. Just remember, even after initially… Read more