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Editorial: Are The Android Glory Days Coming To An End?

I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom here, but in my opinion, I’m foreseeing a shift in mobile industry.  A shift that will definitely change how we experience Android, and possibly the quality of experience we have when interacting with our mobile devices.  In  my eyes, there is a lot of evidence pointing towards this, and I’ll do my best to… Read more

Samsung Muse Review

The Samsung Muse, previously known as the S Pebble, is a Galaxy device accessory more than an actual standalone item. It’s a music player with 4GB of memory, akin to the iPod Shuffle due to lacking a screen or any sort of music management on the device itself. The clip on the back also draws parallels. However, this device has a few more tricks up its… Read more

Google Play Books And Movies Now Available In Russia

Google Play services are slowly rolling out across the world, and Russia is the newest country to get more from the Play Store. Google took to their Google Russia Blog to announce that both Play Books and Play Movies are now available in Russia. The Play Store will also offer over 1,000 Russian books and local films, so it isn’t just the same English… Read more

Nexus Q Backordered After One Day, Ships In 2-3 Weeks

It was just yesterday that the Nexus Q had been in stock and shipping in 3-5 days. And a mere day later, it’s backordered and expected to ship in 2-3 weeks. I wonder what happened. Did it sell out to all those hackers wanting their own custom media device? Is it a problem on Google’s end? It’s hard to believe the $300 Q sold out in a day, but it’s not… Read more

Nexus Q Now In Stock On Google Play, Ships In 3-5 Business Days

The Nexus Q is in stock on the Google Play Store and ships in 3-5 business days for buyers. The Nexus Q is a social media player that lets all your friends play songs, along with other cool features. Unfortunately, the $300 price makes it a poor choice for general consumers (while its hackability makes it intriguing for those who are willing to mess… Read more

Add scrobbling support to Google Music Beta via user script

As if the excitement of finally having my entire music library uploaded to Google’s media cloud service, Google Music Beta, after several days of impatient waiting wasn’t enough, I’m now scrobbling my tracks with last.fm. And the great news is that setting it up was an incredibly simple process that took less than 60 seconds. I simply followed the… Read more

Redbox app for Android available now

Redbox is everywhere. They’ve gone from gimmicky addition to your local gas station to full fledged movie distribution competitor in no time flat. It’s no surprise that Redbox is looking to continue that expansion, and now they’ve turned to mobile apps for a boost. Available in the Android Market now, Redbox for Android features several tools for… Read more

Is doubleTwist poised to become the next big thing?

Today marks a big day for media management company doubleTwist. Between the mobile and desktop clients of the increasingly popular application, there are now one million active users. In the grand scale of entertainment consumers, one million may not seem like much, but doubleTwist is still growing. And fast too. In the fourth quarter of 2010 alone,… Read more