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HTC announces partnership with Saffron Digital

Today, HTC announced a strategic investment in the London-based content delivery company, Saffron Digital. Saffron products can be found in 26 countries and 14 languages, and consist of delivery systems utilized by Samsung and LG. Domain-based DRM, delivery of music, video with superfast decoding, and game content are among Saffron’s products and… Read more

Coast to Coast AM for Android: February launch tease

Attention lovers of bizarre talk radio; UFOlogists, Bigfoot hunters, witches, and time travelers: We’ve got a little status update regarding the Android application that will allow fans of Coast to Coast AM to download MP3s of shows that were broadcast in the previous 90 days, listen to live shows, gawk at bizarre audience-submitted photos, and more…. Read more

MotoBlur Connected Music Player now available

A new MotoBlur music player has been leaked over at xda-developers, and while it’s not entirely clear which new device the software came from, it is clear that the Connected Music Player (version 1.0.179) is most definitely connected. Lyrics are drawn in via TuneWiki (when available), YouTube can be searched for music videos by artist and track title,… Read more

VEVO for Android available now

Thanks to partnerships with close to every major recording label in the industry, VEVO’s claim that they are the “leading premium music video and entertainment service” is a pretty accurate statement. VEVO has taken over YouTube, they host their own website in which you can find music videos, and now they’re bringing their media empire to Android… Read more

Hulu Plus headed for Android

At Samsung’s CES keynote in Las Vegas yesterday and Hulu CEO Jason announced that his company’s premium subscription video streaming service would be available to some Android users running version 2.2 or higher of the software in the coming months. Details were slim in this early announcement, but it’s an exciting development nevertheless. Hulu Plus… Read more

Android’s coming music player leaked

When we were shown “something beyond Froyo; an early development build” at Google I/O 2010, most of us were hoping that the super sexy music player with enhanced capabilities would be coming in Gingerbread. Of course, that wasn’t the case. But the new music player that has been leaked over at xda-developers should be coming to us with Honeycomb. File… Read more

DoubleTwist: Big Brother

John Edgar wants me to be sure I’m giving proper time to Amazon’s media solutions. They are working on it, but it seems to me there’s still a ways to go before for a single app that can manage existing libraries. If the Amazon MP3 Downloader and Unbox Video Player aren’t enough for you/you don’t use Windows, DoubleTwist is what you need. Back to work. This… Read more