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Dolby Looking to Expand its Reach into Mobile Audio

  Dolby Labs, the company responsible for many of the awesome audio showcases at the beginnings of any movies you’ve seen recently, is looking to bring a better sound to the mobile space. More specifically, they are aiming at tablets. With all the HD displays being shown off with new devices, audio has been often overlooked, other than HTC with… Read more

How To Easily Remove HTC Linkify From Any HTC Device

First thing’s first: WARNING: This is a procedure that requires root. It could damage your phone, and no one but you is responsible for any possible damage. Do this at your own risk. But really, it’s an easy procedure, and if you don’t mess anything up, it’ll be fine. Just be careful and read the instructions. If you want to get rid of HTC Linkify,… Read more

New Motorola Android 4.0 Handsets Shown Off In China

At a Chinese event last week, Motorola showed off its slightly revamped line of new phones for China. We have the XT885 for China Unicom on the left, the XT889 for China Telecom in the center, and the MT887 for China Mobile on the right. They’re pretty much identical phones aside from the design and various radios for their respective carriers. This is… Read more

Motorola May Jump To The Qualcomm Bandwagon, S4 Processors Spotted In New Benchmarks

Motorola has been one the biggest customers to Texas Instruments in the phone industry, as many of the company’s handsets sport TI OMAP processors. OMAP processors have proven to be more than capable, but it appears that the company may be jumping ship. A newly leaked benchmark shows an unannounced Motorola device sporting a Snapdragon S4 Krait processor…. Read more

Are There Too Many Android Phones? [Video]

HTC released 20 Android phones last year. Samsung released over 25. Motorola: 24. How many phones is too many? There’s been a lot of talk recently in the Android community about the frequency that Android phones are released, at least here in the United States. People are actually complaining that too many android phones are released every year,… Read more

Google Currents App Hands-On [Video]

As you’re probably aware, Google Currents was announced earlier today by the Google team. It’s an entirely different, beautiful way to sort through content and discover new sites. It puts everything in the form of a “magazine,” and allows you to add magazines from Google Reader, trending topics, and other sources. Check out our hands on… Read more

Lenovo LePhone S2 released in China

Lenovo is releasing another mid-range Android phone, known as the LePhone S2. Specs are pretty standard, stuff we’ve had for the last year: single core 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM with 8GB of internal storage or 1GB of RAM with 16GB internal, 800×480 TFT LCD display, 8MP camera with 720p video recording, and a 1,500mAh battery all wrapped in a… Read more

Best Buy Mobile marks August 17 as Free Phone Wednesday

Best Buy is at it again, giving some customers the opportunity to pick up a high-end Android-powered device for no cost. As usual, if you’re a new customer or a qualified upgrading customer, you’ll be able to pick up a select device on a particular carrier free of charge. It’s an event that Best Buy has done in the past, and it obviously worked well enough… Read more

HTC Status: first impressions

Not everyone needs a big, expensive, all-touch cell phone, not to mention the often hefty monthly carrier plans that go along with them. And at $49.99 on contract with a $15 minimum monthly data plan, HTC’s Android 2.3.3-equipped Status–a.k.a. ChaCha–is a neat little social/messaging gadget for those who like technology but don’t want to make it the… Read more