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Microsoft Office Coming To iOS And Android Early 2013

Microsoft Office for smartphones has been rumored and leaked many times, yet Microsoft has remained quiet about the situation. They’ve denied a few leaks and refused to comment so far. However, we have another leak here of Office for iOS. It’ll be a free app for viewing documents, supporting Word Excel, and PowerPoint documents. To get editing… Read more

Gmail gets a makeover

If you’ve been using Google+, you already know that the black bar now found at the top of most Google properties is designed to draw you back into the social service, whether by enticing you to go back to the Stream page or simply via clean notifications that you can interact with, in place. Those of you not using + are probably wondering what the heck… Read more

MKB Reviews: Swipepad

Swipepad is a must-have multitasking assistant. A free application found in the ‘Productivity’ section of the Android market, Swipepad is sure to change the way you use your device, whether it’s a tablet or a phone or anything else powered by Android. From anywhere, in any application you can swipe across your device’s screen quickly to bring up an array… Read more