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Photos Of Facebook Home Revealed

These images were leaked of Facebook’s newest endeavor with Android, Facebook Home. This upcoming software, which should be officially announced tomorrow, is set to be running on the HTC First, previously known as the HTC Myst. The home replacement is meant to be a simple way to navigate through your apps with full Facebook integration. It seems… Read more

Draw Something Updated with a “Fresh New Look”

The popular “social drawing and guessing game” recieved an update Tuesday with what OMGPOP is claiming as a “fresh new look.”  The main screen has received some color changes, with a top bar now with your coin and bomb totals as well as the settings changes button.  I’m going off of memory here, but when I first updated, I don’t remember being able to… Read more

Yahoo Enters the Free Messaging Game with Yahoo Hub

Some people just want to be a part of everything, and apparently Yahoo is one of them. Not content to stand by and watch the likes of BBM, iMessage, and Google Messenger dominate the free messaging service landscape they have created their own app. The app is called ‘Hub’ and it’s available for all Android phones. It allows you to send messages to not… Read more

Google+ Hangouts Now Supports Voice Calls

Google is obviously very invested in Google+ right now, and one of the ways they are trying to push it is with Hangouts. Last week they showcased Hangouts in a video for the Galaxy Nexus, and also in a TV commercial during the Lions/Packers Thanksgiving Day game. Now they’re introducing another feature to hopefully pull in more users: voice… Read more

Path Updated with New UI, Sharing Options, and More Friends

If you’re unfamiliar with Path just imagine an app for Facebook’s upcoming timeline feature. Path allows you to document when you are doing things in a nice looking time line. Path was launched with minimal features and a low 50 friend limit. This was a bummer for many people, because what good is a social app if you can’t share it with all your… Read more