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Getting started with Google+

Despite a recent announcement from Google that their + social network had exceeded capacity, I was able to join the service through an email invite today (thank you, Josh). Sign up was ridiculously pain free and getting started with the actual business at hand was a no-brainer. I’ve just begun with the service, but so far, I have a very positive… Read more

Some Google+ invites cannot be honored right now

Those of you hammering Google with numerous Google+ invite requests are likely wasting your time. It seems that the Google+ servers–or at least the team members supporting the new social network and ironing out bugs–are exceeding their capacity. At least that’s what the Google+ join page is indicating. HItting that link, you’ll be presented with a… Read more

Baconreader alpha has begun

Those of you who signed up to partake in alpha testing of the buzzworthy Android Reddit client, baconreader, need to check your inbox hit this link; the application is available…NOW! (Actually, anyone can grab it, as there was apparently a problem with the email sign up system.) You can still enter your email address over at the baconreader homepage… Read more

TweetDeck launches Deck.ly for extended tweets

Fans of TweetDeck for the Desktop, Chrome browser, and Android no longer need a third party solution like TwitLonger in order to break through that 140 character limit that makes Twitter what it is. As of today, TweetDeck on those platforms has been updated to utilize an extended tweet service by TweetDeck called Deck.ly. Deckly supports unlimited… Read more

Social content Android app: MemeReactor

MemeReactor is an Android-specific application for discovering and submitting content. A user submits a link, image, or text, and other people vote on that submission, determining how many more people it will be shown to. Think Digg or Reddit, minus the commenting and following. MemeReactor may be a bit closer to StumbleUpon in that very little emphasis… Read more

Chrome web app: Twimbow

The Chrome Web Store is full of links to web apps that run on pretty much any modern browser. Installing the free Web Store entry for these apps usually just throws a cute little icon onto your new tab screen in Chrome browser and Chrome OS. But I won’t let the lack of exclusive Chrome app content and of any recognizable modifications to the browser… Read more

Beejive IM for Android available now

The ever popular multi-platform instant messaging client Beejive has been brought out of beta today, and into the Android Market for $10. Beejive is very polished, user friendly, and capable of handling messages from AIM, iChat, MobileMe, MSN, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Facebook, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ, and Jabber. While I have yet to use Beejive (I… Read more

HootSuite hits the Android Market

Twitter junkies  now have yet another way to get their fix with the announcement that HootSuite, dubbed the “The Professional Twitter client,” is now available from the Android Market.  Said to be built with the Android environment in mind, HootSuite takes advantage of the open web nature of the Android platform…. Read more

Google acquires Aardvark, drops it in the lab

Aardvark facilitates a method of searching for answers amongst a userbase of people who have associated themselves with tags that reference certain topics of expertise. Let’s say you ask, “How do I set up push email in Android?” It will be sent to someone who has indicated that they want to answer Android questions. What sets this system apart from… Read more