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Anonymous Source Reveals HTC Flyer 2 Details – 4.1 Jelly Bean, Snapdragon S4 chip, and Slim Anodized Aluminum Body

According to an anonymous source, Phone Arena has details on the upcoming HTC Flyer 2 – the HTC 2nd generation 7-inch Android Tablet. The Flyer 2 is said to feature a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and the same highly touted anodized aluminum body the HTC One S has. This new tablet also will be powered by a 28nm Snapdragon S4… Read more

Grab a Galaxy Tab at Best Buy for $499, no contract required

If you’re tired of waiting for the Wi-Fi-only version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, why not grab the Verizon flavor and then drop the data plan after the first month? Best Buy is selling the tablet for $499 with no contract required, though you do need to set up a VZW account and activate to purchase. But you can ditch that data almost immediately and run that… Read more

Are Android apps ready for the big screen?

With the holiday season approaching quickly, and tablets like the Galaxy Tab becoming more and more popular by the day, I’ve been thinking a lot about how these Android tablets will perform visually. Backstory I understand that most Android apps, whether they have been written specifically for a 4.5″ or smaller screen, look fine. There was a big… Read more