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Skype updated to include 3G voice calls

When Skype for Android was first released, there was a lot of noise being made about how calls over 3G data connections were disabled in the US. Of course it only took a day for a hacked Skype .apk to surface online that did allow for voice calls over 3G, but until now, an official update to the app with 3G voice was never handed out. Enter: Skype… Read more

Bobsled, Android, and you

T-Mobile has made a huge announcement today that with the help of Vivox and their “new brand” Bobsled, they’ll be utilizing the largest network of users in the world — Facebook — to bring VoIP into the mainstream. Essentially, T-Mobile’s Bobsled takes voice communication and integrates it into the web-based Facebook chat client. Once you install… Read more

Is Google finally adding VoIP support to Google Voice?

When Google first bought GrandCentral in 2007, rumors of the Big G utilizing VoIP in some interesting ways started to swirl. When Gizmo5 was acquired, it practically sealed the deal. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen much of that tight Google integration with VoIP and Google Voice like many have been suspecting — until now. Unearthed by… Read more

Google extends free calling in Gmail through 2011

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to test out Google’s calling feature within Gmail, you can do so now by pointing your Windows XP +, OSX 10.4 +, or Linux box’s browser to Google voice and video chat installer. The feature allows you to call your Google contacts from within Gmail by clicking a phone icon next to their name, as seen in the image below…. Read more

Skype for Android now available; no 3G calls in US

It’s been a long time coming, but the Skype app is now officially available for Android, and it’s pretty darned good. Current users of the popular VoIP service will be happy to see that logging into the app offers them a similar experience to what they’re used to in desktop versions: contact lists that lets you IM or call, a dialer, and the other usual… Read more

Nimbuzz Version 2.0 brings its own VOIP solution NimbuzzOut

Android has lacked a proper VOIP solution for too long now. Existing options like Skype and Rebtel have a good amount of geographical and network provider limitations. Every VOIP solution has some unique features. However, none of them is feature complete. This time, another VOIP player Nimbuzz has joined the race with its NimbuzzOut. NimbuzzOut is the… Read more

Vonage for Android

Great news for those of you with family in other countries and for those that need to conserve their precious minutes. Vonage is now available in the Android Market and it makes Wi-Fi calling a breeze. The official app, released today, features a polished interface and simple layout that allows you to manage all of those essential account settings that let… Read more

The Future Of Google Voice

As of late Google has been pretty lipped when it comes to news about the future of Google Voice and the Nexus One. When an executive actually says something of intrest, we listen. Ex-Yahoo! advanced development division leader and now Google executive Bradley Horowitz was recently interviewed by eWeek and said something about Google Voice that has everyone… Read more

Nexus One pricing… Oh, I get it!

The folks over at Gizmodo have leaked internal documents regarding the sale of the company’s Nexus One Android device, and it seems like people are generally unhappy with what we’ve seen. The phone will be $530 unlocked at google.com/phone (currently blank) and $180 subsidized by a two-year contract with T-Mobile. What has people griping is that the… Read more

Tubaloo beta invites

If you don’t know what Tubaloo is about, please read my article about PhoneDog, Tubaloo: Android VoIP via 3G. That post provides a little bit of context regarding the need for VoIP solutions around the world. Then, check out A look at Tubaloo for Android. The short and skinny of it is that Tubaloo facilitates VoIP over 3G and intelligently routes… Read more