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Samsung Galaxy Pro aims for the BlackBerry crowd

The Motorola Droid Pro shook things up a bit when it launched on Verizon not too long ago, as far as the design goes, and now it looks like Samsung is ready to take on the BlackBerry-inspired form factor with the Galaxy Pro. The physical keyboard has four rows, which sits nicely below the 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen display. There’s a 3MP camera on the… Read more

The State of Android: a short video

With Android activation numbers climbing everyday, do you ever wonder what the future of Android popularity will look like? We’ve already seen a visualization of what it looks like up to now, and thanks to a collaboration from two very talented artists, we get to relax, take a deep breath, and ponder the future. Enjoy: Via Android… Read more

Saab’s IQon Android infotainment system

In an era when one can purchase a car that will read a Facebook news feed aloud (*shudder*), it makes great sense to make a full-fledged Android infotainment system that ships with certain rides, and Saab appears to have pulled the feat off quite smoothly. Climate control, custom navigation, and management of collision sensors appear to be on the menu… Read more

Android apps running on BlackBerries

Earlier this month, word got out that Research in Motion was working to bring Android applications to their upcoming Playbook tablet by way of Java virtual machines. And now, there appears to be some evidence that someone–or a group of people–are in the process of testing at least one hugely popular Android application, ShopSavvy, on the BB 8300,… Read more

Samsung Captivate Froyo update: COME AND GET IT!

The day has come, Captivate owners: your Android 2.2 Froyo update is available. Grab the file and read update instructions here. Enjoy USB tethering, mobile hotspot functionality, Flash 10.1 support, enhanced Microsoft Exchange support, Apps to SD, and…oh, yeah major speed and performance… Read more

HTC releases Flyer preview video

The excitement for HTC’s first Android-based tablet may have died down a bit since its announcement, and that’s probably one reason the company has released a promotional video of the device in question, showing off some of its cooler features. The capacitive stylus is worth watching, especially when put in use for notes. The whole video is done up in HTC’s… Read more

Firefox 4 beta released for Android and Maemo

Mozilla announced today that the latest beta of their Firefox 4 mobile browser is now available in the Android Market and via direct download for Maemo devices. While it still clocks in at about 14MB after a fresh install and packs a couple of lbs on shortly after, Firefox mobile has been trimmed down a bit since the initial alpha release. It can also… Read more

Video timeline shows map of Android activations worldwide

The Android Developers YouTube has just hosted a video that is quite possibly one of the coolest things I have seen so far this year. The video features a map of the world, and shows the progression of Android device activations from October 2008, to January 2011. One of the best things about the video is watching the numbers climb when the original… Read more

ATT announces that Captivate 2.2 update will come tomorrow

Fantastic news for Galaxy S lovers locked in with Ma Bell: your Froyo update will be available via a link tomorrow. Stay tuned to AT&T’s Twitter account and Facebook page if you want to get on that download before everybody else slows the flow. Get ready for some JIT compiler speed and other optimizations, folks. This update is a biggie!… Read more