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Head Of Windows Mobile Bashes Android, Avoids Questions

Head of Windows Mobile Terry Myerson did an interview at D: Dive Into Mobile and was asked to comment on the current state of Android and his thoughts on Facebook Home. The first thing he says about Android? “It’s a mess.” Of course, in a sense, he’s right. OEMs just aren’t making much money aside from Samsung, but that’s looking to change soon. Then he… Read more

How Long Will We Have To Wait Until NFC Goes Mainstream?

Ask almost any mobile tech savvy person about NFC and they can give you a pretty good answer. It’s short for Near Field Communication and allows devices to interact with each other by being in very close proximity. It can be used to transfer files or simply trigger things. The possibilities are incredibly vast with NFC and it makes me wonder, why isn’t… Read more

AT&T Optimus G Updating To Jelly Bean 4.1.2

After a long wait, with both the international and Sprint models already updated, the AT&T LG Optimus G is finally being updated to Jelly Bean. The update will add the standard Jelly Bean features, like the beloved Google Now and expandable notifications, and on top of that, LG improved their UI in small ways. Unfortunately, the Q apps that are included… Read more

Samsung Teams Up With Mozilla To Create New Browser Engine

We may soon see a new browser from Samsung. As you know, Google discontinued the stock Android browser in favor of a more closed browser, Chrome for Android. Samsung, who builds their own browser off the stock Android browser, could be a little stuck. So of course, they go and work with Mozilla to create not just a new browser, but an entirely new… Read more

Photos Of Facebook Home Revealed

These images were leaked of Facebook’s newest endeavor with Android, Facebook Home. This upcoming software, which should be officially announced tomorrow, is set to be running on the HTC First, previously known as the HTC Myst. The home replacement is meant to be a simple way to navigate through your apps with full Facebook integration. It seems… Read more

Users Spend The Most Time Of Their Smartphone Usage On Games

Flurry, an analytics company, has released a ton of information recently collected from smartphones of both the Android and iOS persuasion. This data revealed how people were spending their time using their smartphones, and for how long. And shockingly, people used their phones 2 hours and 38 minutes a day on average. The biggest use of time has been… Read more