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All HD Rovio Titles On Sale For Android And iOS

If you wanted to get the HD version of any of Rovio’s games, now is a great time to do it. Rovio is having a sale where all of their HD titles are only $0.99, a big reduction from the previous prices. Hit the first source link for Rovio’s site, if you want to grab the games for many platforms. Also, we’ll link to the Play Store for your Android… Read more

Rovio Partnering With The Philadelphia Eagles For Special Angry Birds Game And Huge Marketing Campaign

It seems like the feathered menaces from Angry Birds are flinging themselves into every aspect of our lives with the latest one being professional football. Yes, game developer Rovio is pairing up with the Philadelphia Eagles to create a special Angry Birds game that will be completely Eagles-themed. They’ll also be conducting an enormous marketing… Read more

Angry Birds Seasons Receives A New Update, Piglantis Ahoy!

Everybody with a smartphone or tablet has felt the Angry Birds craze and creator, Rovio, is bringing a whole new dimension to the game today with an update to Angry Birds Seasons. This latest update comes with 30 brand spanking new levels with a theme that’s entitled Piglantis. As you can guess, the new levels all take place around water and bring new… Read more

Angry Birds Space exclusive Samsung content outlined

While Angry Birds Space was officially announced yesterday, today at South by Southwest Samsung is busy showcasing the new mobile game on their recently launched (here in the States) Galaxy Note. At the same time, they’re talking up a storm about the exclusive content that Samsung has managed to wrangle in for the upcoming game’s launch. The new title… Read more

Angry Birds racks in 6.5 million downloads on Christmas day

Well this is interesting. We knew that the week of Christmas 2011 had the highest number of app downloads in a single week ever, racking in well over 1 billion downloads. But what apps were popular? The game known as Angry Birds (and its sequels like Rio and Seasons) brought in 6.5 million downloads on Christmas day alone. Considering that 7 million people… Read more

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley available now

The Sun is finally staying out longer, a cool breeze carriers the fresh scent of salt over the air, and and the soothing sounds of monkeys and birds playing volleyball is in the air… it must be time to play Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley! Released last night on the Amazon Appstore, the lastest episode of Angry Birds Rio is finally here. Not much has… Read more