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Video: Rovio runs with video ads for Angry Birds

Few mobile software titles see the success that Rovio’s Angry Birds has seen, and the ad-supported free version for Android has seen over 7 million downloads already. With in-app purchase power called Bad Piggy Bank on the way, Rovio should be raking in the dough. If virtual must-have accessories don’t do the trick for you (pig scarves?), perhaps an ad-free… Read more

Video: Angry Bird questions attack strategy

Man, I love Angry Birds. And why not? It’s a beautifully animated app that offers smooth and fun gameplay with hilarious sound effects and super silly music. (Not to mention Rovio’s seasonal special release and killer merch!) But to be perfectly honest, I never really questioned the premise…at all. At that’s what this video from Dorkly is all about…. Read more

Angry Birds plushie attained. My mom is gonna love this.

The selection of Rovio’s Angry Birds plush toy shop has exploded in the last few months, and it looks like every character is now up for grabs. I pre-ordered mine before the green pigs came along and two fat birds, red with fury, just arrived at my front door via FedEx. The quality is excellent, and at $14.99, these will make a lot of gamers (casual or… Read more

Angry Birds Seasons now available for Android

OK, Angry Birds fanatics, ’tis the season for hurling colorful avatars at barricaded swine, with plenty of holiday cheer! Angry Birds Seasons is officially available today, and Rovio is sending out emails to announce it. The app already has 50,000 to 250,000 downloads, so word is spreading fast. Seasons offers up 25 levels of snowy play designed to count… Read more

[Update] Rovio hands out feedback on Angry Birds for Android

Begin update: As some of you pointed out, Rovio may have meant to say “T-Mobile G2 Touch,” or HTC Hero, when instead they said “T-Mobile G2″ in the list of unsupported devices. Well they have now fixed that error, changing “HTC Hero,” to “HTC Hero/T-Mobile G2 Touch,” completely doing away with “T-Mobile G2″ at the end of the list. End… Read more

“Massive Update” for Angry Birds

As if Angry Birds for Android wasn’t already great enough, comes an announcement straight from Rovio to inboxes everywhere: The ever popular game saw a “massive” update today with version 1.4.2, available in the Market, or on GetJar now. So what signifies a “massive” update? – QVGA Support – New episode titled “The Big Setup” – 195 total levels… Read more

Angry Birds stop-motion construction paper video!

If you’ve already beat the game (meaning 3 stars on every stage and the musical bit), and you’ve already dressed up as one of its starring characters for Halloween, and you’ve already won the Halloween version of the app, and you’re still in love with Angry Birds, you’re bound to enjoy this. It’s a stop-motion, construction paper (like South Park) animation… Read more

Skip levels with Angry Birds cheat

I’m reluctant to help anyone jump over the more difficult stages that I fought hard to pass in Angry Birds (the publishing company of which, incidentally, now belongs to EA), but I’ve caved into a few game cheats in my day so it’s only right that I pass this along. Droid-Life shows us the way (via a hack found at Reddit) and it’s pretty darn simple,… Read more

Angry Birds hits 2 million downloads

When GetJar announced the download stats on Angry Birds this weekend, the numbers were certainly impressive: “1M+ downloads first day.” Now that day two has passed, and those numbers are available, you can add another 1 million to the download count. For a game on Android, these numbers are staggering, but how about for a game in general? Let’s put this… Read more

Angry Birds for Android available now [UPDATE]

Update: When trying to visit GetJar to download Angry Birds, you are now greeted with “Dear visitors, GetJar website is experiencing temporary technical problems due to a totally undexpected high demand for the new free game Angry Birds. Please visit the mobile site at http://m.getjar.com with your Android phone to get the game. We sincerely app-ologize… Read more