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Google Play Turns One, Celebrates With Some Free Stuff

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hqyOBz0zNT4 Do you remember when the Android Market was still a thing? And one day, it was just gone? Yes, Google changed the Android Market to Google Play, and people weren’t happy. I might have been one of the few people who thought it was a good idea. But it seems that people have adjusted pretty… Read more

Rumor: Google Releasing 5 Nexus Devices On November 5th In Celebration Of 5th Anniversary Of Android

Following a rumor that Google would release 5 different Nexus devices (possibly both tablets and phones) by a whole slew of different manufacturers, we have a new rumor going around. This one states that all 5 devices will be released on November 5th, which marks the 5th anniversary of Android. Seems a bit crazy, but makes sense. And Google could easily… Read more