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Oracle Files For Appeal In Java Case Against Google

The lawsuits never end. When Google won the patent case that Oracle brought upon them, we had a glimmer of hope that it was over between the two companies. Of course, that was a foolish thing to think. Oracle has now filed an appeal of the US District Court ruling. If you don’t remember, Oracle lost the lawsuit because the judge found that Java API… Read more

Google+ Comes To Flipboard, Adds News Streams In The App

Google Vice President of Product Management Bradley Horowitz dropped a nice piece of news as he spoke at the Le Web ’12 conference in London as Google+ partners with Flipboard, adding Google+ streams in the app. The streams are said to launch “soon” as part of Google’s new Google+ APIs, which are now extended to provide more content from Google’s… Read more

HTC releases Beats Audio API for developers

There were plenty of devices that launched late last year to offer up Beats Audio Technology, the result of a deal that HTC created in 2011. But, while Beats Audio is a great idea in theory, as it is definitely a feature that stands out amongst the Android crowd, it wasn’t exactly what people thought it was. In fact, the “feature” only worked in the stock… Read more