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App Review: LifeKraze – Help Yourself and Your Friends Stay Healthy This Year With This New Socially-Focused Health App


“Trying to get healthy takes so much work.”  I think we’ve all said that before as we’ve embarked on our never-ending quest for a healthy lifestyle.  It’s hard work, but sometimes all you need is a little encouragement to keep you motivated to shed those excess pounds.  LifeKraze is a new Social Health website and app that puts a slight twist on… Read more

Set Orientation: A Free App That Gives You Orientation Control, Specifically On Your Nexus 7

For some reason, It’s never been a big deal to me until today.  I bought a case specifically so I could use my Nexus 7 supported in portrait mode.  I’ve also toyed around with editing the build.prop file on the Nexus 7 to get the home screen to rotate, but that wasn’t enough.  I installed Spotify on my Nexus 7 today to hook it up to my home stereo,… Read more

Featured App Friday, This Week’s App: Tweet Lanes

Welcome to our newest segment here at DroidDog! Starting today, we’re going to be bringing you an app review every Friday called Featured App Friday. We’ll review an app, tell you what we liked and what we didn’t, and then tell you whether or not you should download it! If you want to suggest an app for the segment then feel free to send your app… Read more

Review: SwiftKey 3 Beta, Best Android Keyboard Out There

I’ll admit it, I used to be a Blackberry user.  Blackberry kickstarted my smartphone obsession.  When I made the plunge and switched to Android, I sorely missed my physical keyboard.  I know I could have gone with a slider phone, that might have worked.  But we all know the rippin hardware is usually on the pure brick style phones.  I need a phone… Read more

App Review: SugarSync

In today’s field of mobile technology, cloud storage has become an increasingly popular trend for storing media, documents, and other data that you would normally access on your phone, tablet or computer. The number of options has recently increased largely for anyone wanting to join in on the cloud revolution.  SugarSync, an app made by a developer of… Read more

App Review: Classic Note Lite

Classic Notes Lite is an app that does just about everything, and walks your dog. Made by app developer Fluffy Delusions, it is one of the most feature packed note taking apps out there, with a huge set of tools and social networking built right in. This app has been available for few months now, and is free in the Android Market. That said, I must point… Read more

Review: XDA Developers Forums app

When I think of the apps that I use on a daily basis, not including the ones that come standard with any ROM (messaging, phone, browser), there isn’t that many. Other than Twitter, there is really only one app that I use a lot. Everyday. I use it for all my new clocks, new themes, and widgets. I use it to find new apps, keep up on certain types of news,… Read more

App review: History Eraser

As much as I love Android, there are still plenty of times when I’m trying to do something and all I can think is “Seriously? There’s no better way to do this?” Take for example, erasing your search history for the Android Market. I understand it’s such a small amount of data, it shouldn’t matter. At this point, it’s simply about just being able to do it…. Read more

App review: Pattern Wallpapers

I have a problem. I change my wallpaper far too often. If I was content with the average wallpaper from the average wallpaper site, this wouldn’t be a problem. Instead, I shudder at the thought of using a picture of a car or some buxom young blonde as a wallpaper for a day (no offense if you happen to enjoy either). I’m a big fan of bold colors, stark… Read more