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24 Month Transaction Display and Access to Liquid Accounts Among New Features for Chase Mobile App

When it comes to mobile banking, Chase has undoubtedly been the leader in convenience and efficiency.  They were the first major bank to offer mobile check deposit and are now continuing their reputation for innovation by the latest updates to their app.  Via the Google Play store, they announced your Android device is now able to: -Display up to… Read more

Widget Watch: Go Weather

One of the best things about Android, and one of its distinguishing features, is widgets. Widgets are ment to be added to the homescreen of your Android device, and usually contain some sort of information, or act as a switch for an action. In my personal homescreen layout, every page has a widget. Whether its weather, Twitter, Power Control, contacts,… Read more

App review: Go!Chat for Facebook

As crazy as this sounds, I still have friends who don’t have a cell phone. Those same friends, believe it or not, all have a laptop, desktop, or iPod Touch (since Android is seriously lacking in an alternative at the moment) which they use to stay glued to Facebook. So if I can’t easily text or call them, what am I supposed to do? Facebook has a chat… Read more

App review: Alchemy

Did you know that if you mix fire and water, you get alcohol? Did you know that if you mix alcohol and wheat, you get beer? Or how about if you take beer, and add a brick house, you make a bar? Welcome, to Alchemy. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, alchemy is “an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting.” Alchemy for Android is an… Read more

MKB Reviews: VidTrim

VidTrim is a simple video editing application for Android that doesn’t require a beast of a processor or a high resolution screen. It allows you to do simple cutting and trimming that solves the problem of shaky beginnings and endings of videos where you’re fumblig for the camera button. Coming in ata hefty $0.98 for the ‘Pro’ versoin you’re… Read more