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Google Play Is Growing Faster Than The App Store But Pays Off Less

A new report published by Distimo has given us some information about the app stores of the two biggest mobile operating systems, but the information is something we already knew. First of all, Google Play is growing a lot faster than the Apple App Store. Google Play’s daily revenue grew 43% in the last four months. The App Store’s daily revenue only… Read more

Amazon Appstore Rumored To Arrive In Europe This Summer

Amazon’s Appstore has given Android users an alternative to the Google Play Store for nearly a year and a half, but so far only users in the US have been able to take advantage of it. Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the third-party app store will make its debut in the European market “sometime this summer”. In addition the release of… Read more

Google introduces Translate app for iPhone

For the last two-and-a-half years, iPhone users have only been able to access Google’s astounding translation suite via an HTML5 web app. Today, Google released the dedicated Google Translate program for free in the Apple App Store (iTunes link), giving iOS fans the full app functionality that Android junkies have been enjoying for approximately one… Read more