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Netflix Director of Product Innovation Discusses Last Week’s User Interface/Service Improvements

As of last week, users began to use a new and improved user interface for Netflix’s Android App. However a true run down of  all the changes was unknown. Well the team behind the movie rental and streaming service is taking the lid off of the update and providing a detailed look at what has changed. Director of Product Innovation Chris Jaffe, in… Read more

Redbox For Android Updated To Third Version, Adds Better Design, Improved Filtering

In the last few weeks, I’ve had to move my movie renting life over to Redbox, so when I caught wind of this update, I was very excited. In recent weeks, Redbox has removed the old Blockbuster Express units from my local groceries and replaced them with their own units and they are far, far better. Given that, the timing of this update couldn’t be any… Read more

Android Netflix App Updated To Include Wi-Fi Only Setting

For those who have yet to catch the update, the official Netflix app for Android has received a new feature that many have been desiring for. Users now have the ability to toggle a setting that commands the app to only work over W-Fi networks.  What makes this feature great, is that it give users the who have to monitor their data usage, the… Read more

Froyo Required for Facebook Update

Anyone that has the Facebook app probably has nothing nice to say about it considering the amount of time it takes to do just about anything.  With promises to make nice by delivering a faster, capable version the app is now requiring Android 2.2 Froyo or higher.  Other improved features include “front-facing camera support, a new messaging feature… Read more

Superuser Gets Updated with New Features

The popular app for rooted Android users has recently received an update adding some interesting new features.  If you’re not familiar with Superuser, it’s an app that allows you grant and manage Superuser rights for your phone.  What that means is that when you are rooted, apps that require root need access to root files or features.  When these… Read more