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Google Offers Updated, Smoother Navigation And More Partners

Daily deal fans should take note of a quick update to Google Offers this morning. The latest version of the update brings in a bunch of new partners and some smoother navigation. I’ve been looking at Google Offers more and more these days, especially as I find Groupon to be a company I have less and less interest in doing business with. You can grab the… Read more

Instagram Android Update Welcomes HTC One X Users To The Play

Another day of Instagram updates welcomes HTC One X users to the party and thankfully so. For all the Instagram news we’ve seen lately, you can’t fault these guys for slacking as they’ve already released an update after news of their Facebook purchase. Today’s update brings the usual set of bugfixes with added support for Tegra 3 tablets and handsets,… Read more

Twitter for Android Updated With New UI

Twitter is rolling out a brand new site design today and they’ve updated the Android app to go along with it. First thing you’ll notice is new tabs across the top. You’ve got Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Home obviously just shows your timeline. Connect is a little different than you might expect. Opening the COnnect tab will greet you with an… Read more