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Andy merch that’s worth the scratch

Chances are, that if you follow Android news, you’ve probably come across a shirt/poster design by Garry Booth, Chris Bishop, or George Soto. Their work has been featured on American apparel tees and 18 X 24 inch posters as three different Android inspired designs: Exploded Andy, Andy Versus, and Unstoppable Andy, listed here in their chronological order of… Read more

DroidDog discount at DroidShirts.com

UPDATE: Many of the orders inspired by this post were never fulfilled and I’ve heard of a few that were never refunded. DroidDog cannot endorse this company. If you’re one of those folks who likes to spread the word and wave your flag for all to see, DroidShirts.com has you and your Android needs covered. Whether you want to show support for Cyanogen,… Read more