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Apple’s looking for a fight with the bulky and the bizarre

In a recent earnings call with acting COO of Apple Tim Cook, a lot more than Apple’s incredibly massive profits were discussed. Among talks of a 26.74 billion dollar quarter, were also talks of the iPad and its competitors – the bulky and the bizarre. According to Cook, Windows tablets come off as heavy and expensive, and Android tablets come off as… Read more

Today is the big day! Don’t miss your chance to win a tablet!

Tonight, PhoneDog begins drawing numbers in its ridiculously huge 100 iPad & Tablet Sweepstakes. Starting at 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific), we will be giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entries into the sweepstakes. Winners will choose an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or BlackBerry Playbook. We’ll be giving away 10 per night, every weeknight, until… Read more

Tomorrow is the big day for PhoneDog’s 100 Tablet Giveaway!

Tomorrow is the big day folks! Monday is the day that PhoneDog will begin drawing winners for our crazy 100 Tablet Sweepstakes! We’re handing out one tablet for every 5,000 entries we receive, and you can get 35 entries for yourself with very little effort. Winners choose from an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and BlackBerry Playbook. We’re going to be… Read more

Two days left before we start drawing numbers…

Only two days remain before a plague of tablets smites the Earth. Our time is short, my friends. Pleas readeth carefully, for the day of reckoning is at hand. As the PhoneDog family of sites hath prophesied, the Dog shall choose the numbers of the sweepstakes winners (let he who readeth understand) and shall listeth the chosen in a book…the… Read more

And then there were three: tablets, tablets, tablets

In Three days, on Monday, PhoneDog will start giving away tablets to people who have liked our family of Facebook pages and entered our ridiculously huge tablet contest. We’re giving away Apple iPads, Blackberry Playbooks, and Samsung Galaxy Tabs–one for every 5,000 entries. And the best part, aside from getting to choose your own prize, is that you… Read more

Four days, then drawings: PhoneDog’s tablet sweepstakes

Friendly reminder folks, just four days remin until PhoneDog starts the drawing for up to 100 free tablets. Why “up to 100?” Because we’re giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entries we receive. Telling your friends about this one doesn’t hurt your chances. In fact, it increases them. Follow through with the instructions below to fin out how you can… Read more