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Samsung vs Apple Trial Not Over – Korean Company Requests New Trial On Claims Of Jury Misconduct

Just when everyone thought the Apple vs Samsung war was simmering down – Samsung has decided to get back into the fight. In post-trial filings on Friday, Samsung revealed it is planning to argue for a new trial against Apple. In addition the Korean company entered a number of documents supporting the theory that juror misconduct led to the jury’s… Read more

Apple Cuts Back on Samsung Component Orders For New iPhone 5 – Denies It’s Out Of Spite

According to Reuters – a “source with direct knowledge on the matter” has stated today that Samsung is experiencing a decrease in the amount of orders for RAM and Flash Memory chips for the new iPhone. The iPhone 5, which is expected to be unveiled next Wednesday, was originally thought to be using a significant amount of Samsung internals just like… Read more

Apple’s trial win aids Samsung- Research shows increased Galaxy S3 sales following verdict

Samsung news hasn’t been very positive as of late, stemming back from the Korean company’s most recent defeat to Apple. Facing a recent $1 Billion verdict, Samsung was realigning its strategies to overcome such a setback. However it appears that the recent dogfight it has had against Apple has had a rather profound benefit. According to Forbes ,… Read more

Trial Aftermath – Samsung Emergency Executive Meetings, Stock down 7%, Jury Members Comment

The aftermath of the verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung trial is beginning to become a reality. Following the official statements from both companies’ PR teams, as well as Apple CEO Tim Cook, new details as to the ramifications behind the judgement are being released. The first piece of news comes from the Korea Times. The site reports that Samsung… Read more

Samsung Asks Court to drop Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction – Following Jury Verdict it didn’t copy iPad design

Following last week’s verdict, Samsung is now asking the courts to drop the initial injunction on their Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The jury for the Apple vs. Samsung trial found that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringed several pieces of Apple’s intellectual property, but did not infringe upon the iPad D’889 design patent. Originally the… Read more

Apple v. Samsung Patent Infringement Saga Continues – South Korean Court Rules on Korean Case

The Apple vs. Samsung case has been an ongoing media circus here in the US. However the battle between these two tech behemoths is truly an international one. In case you might have missed it, Apple and Samsung have been disputing over in Samsung’s native Korea. In that case a ruling has been made with the Seoul District Court now laying out a split… Read more