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Samsung Trying To Beat Apple To Wristwatch Market

The next big thing seems to be smart watches, a growing trend among enthusiasts and one begging to be released to the general public. However, there is no doubting that smart watches are still in their infancy. The few true smart watches we have seen have been buggy, battery life was terrible, and a few have been unusable. Then there is the Pebble, a… Read more

Samsung Spends More On Advertising Than Apple

If there is one thing that can help a brand blossom, it’s advertising. Take a look at Samsung: They have solid products, but what makes people want them so much? Their advertising shows off the features of the phone in real world uses while also making people relate with funny jokes. They create memorable moments through their advertising, and that’s… Read more

Huawei Becomes Third Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer In The World

Huawei may not have much presence in the US aside from a few rebranded budget phones, but they’re getting really big globally. In a surprising turn of events, Huawei has surpassed the other big manufacturers to take third place in the worldwide smartphone race. While they’re far from second place, it’s still an incredibly impressive feat for a company… Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook Never Wanted To Sue Samsung

According to Reuters, Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, never wanted to sue Samsung in the first place.  He was hesitant to sue Samsung because Samsung was the main component supplier for Apple. Apple bought $8 billion worth of components from Samsung last year alone. Cook was worried about what litigation might due to the relationship Apple had with… Read more

December comScore Numbers Show Android Still On Top (Obviously)

The December 3 month period comScore numbers and in, and it’s more of the same thing. In the software part of it, Android rose 0.9 points to 53.4%, while iOS rose a whole 2 points to 36.3%. Blackberry dropped 2 points, but that might very well change in the next few months. Sadly, Windows Phone dropped 0.7 points to only 2.9%. Symbian stayed constant at… Read more