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Consumer Reports Rates Several Android Phones Over The iPhone 5

Are we surprised? I’m trying to decided if I’m surprised or not.  However, as can be seen in a photo taken from this coming February issue of Consumer Reports, in the 2013 Smartphone survey several Android phones are rated ahead of the iPhone 5.  I don’t disagree, but if you look back at my top phones of 2012, I am surprised about some phone I’m not… Read more

November comScore Results Show Android Growing Faster Than iOS, Samsung/Apple Still Dominating

The statistics for the three month period ending in November were released today by comScore. While nothing much has changed, the gap between the duopoly of Samsung and Apple and the other three in the top five is growing fast. Samsung grew 1.2 percentage up to 26.9%, while Apple grew even more to 18.5%, up 1.4 points. Everyone else has dropped 0.4 to… Read more

HTC Says Its Settlement With Apple Will Pay Off In 2013

Ray Yam, president of HTC China, is optimistic that HTC will do much better in 2013 now that its legal disputes with Apple have been solved. Now that HTC doesn’t have to work around Apple’s software patents, they can now focus more on new product innovations. Yam stated that HTC has adjusted its products, sales, and marketing strategies for 2013… Read more