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Horn Brings Next-Gen Graphics To Android Later This Month

Horn is Phosphor Games’ newest mobile title based on the Unreal Engine platform. The game features incredible HD graphics that seem to mimic other successful franchises like Infinity Blade. Unfortunately for Android fans, Infinity Blade is available only on iOS and EpicGames doesn’t have any plans to bring it Google’s platform anytime soon. This is… Read more

Pinterest For Android Set To Be Unveiled At Google I/O

Pinterest users all over the world can now rejoice. The newest social sharing platform of 2012 is expected to announce its official virtual-pinning Android app during a presentation at next week’s Google I/O. Within the Google I/O schedule, the calendar shows that Pinterest is slated to attend the worldwide conference.  On the dedicated Pinterest page, the… Read more

Max Payne Mobile lands on Android April 26

As our phones continue to get more powerful, the ability to port some of our classic console games gets easier. While we’ve seen titles like Grand Theft Auto III already grace our favorite devices, it’s now time for another type of figure to hop on board. Rockstar Games is happy to announce Max Payne Mobile, and it is coming soon to Android devices. This… Read more

Appgarden Lite Review [Video]

Appgarden is the multitool of Android applications, or as dubbed by its developers, “A collection of useful utilities in one simple easy to use app.” Either way, it’s an awesome suite of tools that can replace multiple apps on your Android phone in a package under 1MB. Definitely worth a download! Check out our full video… Read more

Boid Alpha for Android Review [Video]

Boid is a free Holo themed Twitter app for Android 4.0 and above. Holo, if you aren’t familiar, is the visual scheme of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This incorporates swiping left and right between tabs, the dark and light themes the action bar at the bottom of the app and more. I’m a fan! It’s missing a few critical features right now, but it’s in Alpha… Read more

Photoshop Express for Android [Video]

Adobe has been making its rounds on various mobile platforms in the last few days, so it looks like a good time to revisit what you can do for free on your Android device. Adobe Photoshop Express is available for free in the Android market and will work on both phones and tablets. The feature set is a pretty decent expansion from the built in Android photo… Read more

Google Docs for Android receives large update, now featuring real-time collaboration

Google Docs is getting more impressive by the week, and with this latest update it’s probably one of the most impressive document editors out there. This newest update, which is available now in the Android Market, will bring plenty of changes and improvements to the system, and will bring working in real-time with anyone you want to, whether it be from a… Read more