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Instagram almost ready for Android debut, according to notification on Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the most popular applications out there is the social networking inspired image uploading service Instagram. While it is massively popular on a competing mobile operating system, it has yet to make an appearance on our favorite Android platform. But, there are plenty of rumors out there suggesting the application is on its way, and very soon. And now… Read more

Gameloft LIVE now available

Gameloft is all about gaming, so if you’re someone who uses your Android-based device to play as many games as possible, then the new Gameloft LIVE application maybe a perfect fit for you. The application itself is a window of opportunity for those of you out there who want to get their hands on new games, a new way to communicate with other gamers (playing… Read more

Grand Theft Auto III now available in the Android Market

Earlier in the month we found out that Grand Theft Auto III would be coming to the Android Market on the 15th of December, and now that the date has arrived, so has the game. Keep in mind that the title does have some restrictions, though, and won’t work on every single Android device out there. The developers have decided to launch the game on only a… Read more

Day 8 of Premium Apps in Android Market

We’re just two days away from being over and done with Google’s premium application deal, so hopefully you’ve been downloading your ten cent apps like crazy. We’ve got a new list for you today, so go ahead and dig in and let us know which apps you’re downloading and why. HD Widgets Where’s My Water? FlightTrack SlideIT Keyboard SketchBook… Read more

Day 7 of Premium Apps in Android Market

As we kick off the new week, we want to wish all of you a happy Monday. If you were looking for something to get your Monday going, and the coffee isn’t working, how about another round of ten cent apps? Thankfully we’re starting the seventh day of Google’s premium app ten cent offer, and there are plenty of good apps to choose from, as usual. Flight… Read more

Day 6 of Premium Apps in Android Market

As we keep moving ahead to that tenth day, we know that the anticipation to see the next batch of premium applications is probably huge. Huge! Or, maybe you’re just looking to get your hands on another round of great ten cent apps. Either way, here’s the list of what Google has made available today. Raging Thunder Backbreaker Football BackStab… Read more

Day 5 of Premium Apps in Android Market

Yesterday was the fourth day, so that would make today the fifth. And, just as we’ve seen the last few days of this particular striking deal on several top-notch premium applications in the Android Market, there are plenty of apps in the list that will warrant your ten cent purchase. Especially considering that “limited time” approach. So, here’s today’s… Read more