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Google Maps updated to version 5.12.0

Google Maps is one of those applications on your phone that you know is going to get an update pretty regularly, and thankfully the updates are usually worth it. For example, this latest update, which brings the Map applications to version 5.12.0, not only removes a feature that some people were having problems with, but also adds a new element to the… Read more

Nook for Android gets updated, brings Newsstand along with it

If you’re running the Nook for Android application, then chances are that you’ve been prompted to update it. However, if you haven’t, then there’s a chance you may have received an email telling you that an update is available. The update is designed to not only bring some bug fixes to the application, but also add some new features and graphical changes… Read more

Amazon Appstore 2.0 launched, showcases new color theme

Now that the Kindle Fire is right around the corner, Amazon is upgrading its essential items out there in the wild to better match the incoming device. Earlier this morning Amazon went through the process of officially upgrading their Appstore on Android, bringing the mobile version of the online retailer’s store into a whole new color scheme. If you… Read more

App Review: SugarSync

In today’s field of mobile technology, cloud storage has become an increasingly popular trend for storing media, documents, and other data that you would normally access on your phone, tablet or computer. The number of options has recently increased largely for anyone wanting to join in on the cloud revolution.  SugarSync, an app made by a developer of… Read more

Tour of Google Docs App for Honeycomb [Video]

Google recently updated their Google Docs application for devices running Android 3.0 and higher. This means Android tablet users now have a fully optimized experience that looks conveniently similar to the webapp at docs.google.com. I was hoping a lot more Android apps from Google would be Honeycomb optimized by now, but this is at least a step in the… Read more

App Review: Travel Interpreter

When traveling in a foreign country, sometimes language can be a huge problem. Even finding the simplest things can be a challenge without proper knowledge of the country’s native language. App developer Jourist Verlags GmbH is aiming to help, with its new Travel Interpreter app. Supporting almost 30 languages, chances are that this app supports your next… Read more

Obiwan222222 uses network streaming to play Nintendo Wii game on Android tablet

There are all sorts of ways to mod your device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet. And there are different levels of modding — you can go crazy with it, or you can do about as little as you want. The results will vary, obviously, but usually it’s always something worthwhile. In this case, from minimalist modder Obiwan222222, has managed to make Nintendo Wii… Read more