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App Review: Video Trimmer

Sony is outing a new video editing app called Video Trimmer. Meant to directly compete with Vid Trim and Vid Trim Pro, it uses a fun interface to manage your videos on the go. It will be launching September 5th, for $2.99 US, exclusively on Android devices. Video Trimmer has a unique interface, starting by first selecting a video. The video then… Read more

Firefox 6 for Android released, features graphical improvements and better performance

If you’re someone who loves Firefox, and have been using the mobile Beta version of the popular Web browser on your Android phone since its release, then you’ll be happy to know that the latest version has just been released by Mozilla. The latest version brings Firefox for Android up to number 6, but the update isn’t as big as some in the past. This latest… Read more

Facebook Messenger App First Look [Video]

Facebook looks to improve their mobile arsenal today as they release their brand new Facebook ‘Messenger’ Application for Android and iOS. Some have avoided Facebook entirely because of the stats of its current mobile app, but this new release shows promise for a stable future. It’s a bit more than just a messaging app; there is a group location… Read more

MKB Reviews: SoundCloud for Android

SoundCloud is a web-based music sharing/streaming service that has been around for a while now – Long enough to adjust and refine their mobile experience and develop an Android application. The recent release of Spotify in the United States has attracted a lot of buzz to cloud music streaming lately, so let’s take a deeper look at a competitor that has been… Read more

MKB Reviews: Screenshot It

This is more of an aswer to an FAQ than an in-depth application review, partially because I have been asked this question quite often and partially because this is a really simple app. I am asked pretty often “What’s that icon in your status bar?” and “How do you take screenshots so easily?” Well the answer to both questions is the ScreenShot… Read more

MKB Reviews: Itching Thumb

Itching thumb, despite its awkward name, is a really intuitive task switching application for Android. With either a double tap of the home button or a long hold of the search key you can activate it and begin making your way around its refreshing new interface. This application is perfect for people who often find themselves switching between open… Read more

MKB Reviews: Hot Reboot

This is the first application I’m reviewing for DroidDog that requires root access, but I think it’s so handy that it’s worth sharing for those of you who have already rooted your Android devices. As the name implies, this is an application that reboots your phone or tablet… Except not quite. To be quite honest there wouldn’t be much of a point… Read more