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Day 3 of Premium Apps in Android Market

Google is continuing their 10 day premium application offer, and it looks like they’re not backing down on offering up some pretty exciting applications. There’s a nice mix between useful applications, even a kid’s app, and a big focus on games which should speak volumes to anyone out there taking advantage of these offers. And, as usual, the… Read more

Android Market website now supporting unofficial devices

When manufacturers create an Android device, they need to get it certified by Google (and probably pay a fee) to use the Android Market, and other apps like Gmail and Maps. But some manufacturers decide not to, and create their own app store. To get the Market on there, you’d have to side load the apk, and then install it on manually. Once this was… Read more

Win a 30GB SugarSync account!

All right, ladies and gentlemen. We know here that the cloud plays a big part in the every day life of most of you, and getting free space is probably something you’re more than willing to grab given the opportunity. So, here’s your opportunity. Thanks to the fine folks at SugarSync, we are happy to announce that we’re offering a contest to win a 30GB/year… Read more

Verizon gearing up to launch its application store, again

The fascination of rebooting something isn’t just set in Hollywood, it seems. A new report from CNN is outlining plans from Verizon to basically relaunch their application store for smartphones. We all know that the first attempt from the major wireless carrier didn’t go over so well, so this next attempt will obviously have to be different than the last…. Read more

Research In Motion sponsoring 50 developer meetups to promote Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the bullet points for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, the company’s very first tablet device, is that they have always planned on running Android applications on it. That’s great for those developers out there who want to keep their development model strictly Android, but wouldn’t mind promoting their applications in other markets. To… Read more