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Google launches Catalogs, skips over an Android app

Another day, another Google product launch. This one came in the early morning hours, but for anyone who’s interested in taking a look through their favorite catalogs on a tablet, all in one application, then this is the one for you. The tablet-specific application, called Google Catalogs, has just launched, and features a new way for users to “flip”… Read more

AT&T in talks with Amazon to allow purchases from Appstore

Since the initial launch of Android on AT&T’s network, sideloading applications onto branded devices has been a no-go. And, up until now, AT&T hasn’t been ready to budge on the topic at all. And while Angry Birds developer Rovio announced on their Facebook page not too long ago that AT&T is currently working on allowing subscribers to purchase applications… Read more

Amazon’s Appstore for Android breaks cover, shows off pricing on some apps

Leaks happen, and sometimes they show off something that piques the interest of anyone who’s watching. For Amazon’s upcoming Appstore for Android, the online retailer has made promises in the past that they would be shaving off some of the cost of applications, versus what’s available in the Android Market. And, while it’s unfortunate that Amazon has pulled… Read more