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Amazon Appstore For Android Heading To UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy This Summer

We’ve heard in the past that Amazon may be bringing their Appstore to Europe this summer and it looks like Amazon is finally ready to confirm that as they’ve sent out a press release regarding it. It’ll be hitting France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK sometime this summer. Developers can start to get certification on their apps in those countries now… Read more

Amazon Appstore Rumored To Arrive In Europe This Summer

Amazon’s Appstore has given Android users an alternative to the Google Play Store for nearly a year and a half, but so far only users in the US have been able to take advantage of it. Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the third-party app store will make its debut in the European market “sometime this summer”. In addition the release of… Read more

Amazon App-Store Now Allows For In-App Purchases

The Amazon Appstore is a fantastic alternative to the Google Play store and has been for a lengthy time. Consider their free app of the day, or the ability to reach the Amazon store when Google Play just won’t work, Amazon is there for you. Now, Amazon will be there for you in a new way as they introduce in-app purchase options for developers…. Read more

Amazon tripled customers of their Appstore in Q4

Amazon has been trying to push their Android Market alternative known as the Appstore for awhile now, and last quarter it finally paid off. Amazon tripled the number of Appstore customers in Q4 of last year, and the Kindle Fire is most likely to blame. For those unfamiliar, the only app store pre-loaded on the Kindle Fire is Amazon’s very own, and the… Read more