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Archos A28

Another new Archos media player has just passed through the FCC, and yes, it looks exactly like the Archos 32. The short but sweet specs we know on the A28 so far (which aren’t much) look a little something like this: WiFi b/g/n 8GB internal storage 2.8″ screen Accelerometer So not only does it look the part, but the specs also say the same… Read more

Images of Archos 32 media player pop up

Archos 32

Archos’ latest offering is a scaled-down, 3.2″-display-havin’ media player called the Archos 32. You may recall that it was up for pre-order one week ago, but it seems to have been removed from JR.com…for now. As was the case with the pre-order news, Archos Fans is alerting us all to another interesting bit of 32 news: It has cleared the FCC and a… Read more

More portable Archos 32 up for pre-order

If previous Archos offerings were too hefty for your liking (or running to old a version of Android), check out the Archos 32, now available for pre-order at JR.com. No pictures have been posted yet, but the gadget, which will set you back just $147, features a tiny (by Archos standards) 3.2″ display, 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 8GB storage, and… Read more