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Archos smart home phone lands in the FCC gauntlet

Over in the UK, the Archos-branded smart home phone has been available for a little while now. While it may not be the smash-hit home phone replacement that the company may have wanted, it must be seeing some decent sales in that neck of the woods, because the device’s emergence within the FCC gauntlet suggests that the manufacturer may be thinking about… Read more

Archos 70b Internet Tablet officially announced

For those of you out there looking to get your hands on a new tablet device, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get one, the new Archos 70b Internet Tablet with Honeycomb on board may be the perfect match for you. Archos is touting it as a light tablet, and with its high-resolution display and fast processor under the hood, it seems Archos is ready… Read more

Archos 35 your new Android alarm clock/radio/media player

Archos, the same company that brought you all those PMPs and tablets, is at it again. This time, they’re going into Chumby space. The recently released Archos 35 marries the Android OS with two “high quality” speakers that promise “high definition sound” with a 3.5″ touchscreen and of course, a variety of apps including TuneIn Radio Pro, a bunch of nature… Read more

Archos’ vision includes a child-sized robot

Archos, the creator of tablets and PMPs, has made a somewhat cryptic announcement recently. Apparently their work in the Android arena was in fact development for work on an actual android, of the I, Robot variety. The CEO of the mobile multimedia manufacturer announced that they intend to keep developing tablets along with a “child-sized robot, sold for… Read more

Archos 70 Android tablet available now

Announced today in a press release from Archos, the 7″ Archos 70 Internet Tablet will officially be heading into retail stores, and is available for purchase online now. The A70 features run of the mill specs for the average tablet available now, that is until you get to the storage department: FroYo 1GHz processor 7″ capacitive touch… Read more

Archos drops 5 new Android tablets

Not two hours ago I was writing about how the Android tablet game is getting so crazy that it’s extremely difficult to differentiate the wheat from the vaporware. Start-ups and rebranding distributors are all over the tablet market shouting Android this and that while shipping very little. But one company that proven its committed to – and capable of -… Read more

Archos A28

Another new Archos media player has just passed through the FCC, and yes, it looks exactly like the Archos 32. The short but sweet specs we know on the A28 so far (which aren’t much) look a little something like this: WiFi b/g/n 8GB internal storage 2.8″ screen Accelerometer So not only does it look the part, but the specs also say the same… Read more

Android-based home tablets by Archos announced

Ready to see Android running on another Archos tablet? Good. Because, Archos has made an official announcement of its new tablets devices on March 1st.  Archos announced the Archos 7: a 7-inch display PMP tablet device. And the Archos 8: with an 8-inch display, functioning as a digital photo frame tablet, running Android OS and an ARM9 CPU. The 7 will… Read more

Archos to announce two new Androids?

The folks over at carrypad.com “had word from Archos’ German PR company that Archos will announce two new Android Tablets at CeBIT.” Another translated snip of the original email (?) says that they are “good value” tablets, designed specifically for use in the home. Both carrypad and Engadget translate this to “no 3G.” One is expected to be the new… Read more

Archos 5 Internet Tablet update

Archos sent out an update the other day that brings Android 1.6 and included features – as well as miscelaneous fixes and improvements – to the 5 IMT. A complete list of changes follows: Firmware changes Version 1.7.33 – January 20th, 2010 Since this firmware is based on a new version of Android, after the update, you will be prompted to reset your… Read more